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We collaborate with clients to design, develop, implement and operate cloud-native engineering solutions.

What we do

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Cloud Engineering

We define the architecture, bring engineering to build it, and operate the solution for you.

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Digital Strategies

We define your digital vision, develop a strategy to achieve it, and implement it to deliver results.

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Program & Project Management

We make sure that you have the right project manager to realize complex digitization projects.

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Data Analytics

Data Analytics as a Service provides you with a start to create insights from your data.

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Option 4.0 Who we are

Who we are

Your long-term partner to realize cloud projects

To differentiate ourselves in the market, we needed to offer some unique and compeling. We focus on providing a comprehensive selection of services, including digital strategy, solution architecture, software engineering, and managed services, to provide end-to-end support to our clients. We are unique in that we cover the entire technology solutions lifecycle from A to Z: we start by defining your digital strategy, execute it with engineering solutions, and operating it with automation. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our clients and become their strategic partner to realize their digitalization projects. With a constant commitment to excellence, our team continues to grow in size, taking on new clients and developing innovative solutions to help businesses succeed in the cloud.

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We want to see you succeed

Connect with us today and find out how our Option 4.0 team can help your business adapt and meet the demands of new technologies.