The cloud is going to form a key asset in your digital transformation journey. Not only can it provide hyper-scale services at the click of a button, but it will also accelerate your time to market as complex tasks such as infrastructure, storage, networking and automation and provided as a managed service to you.

Understanding how to onboard cloud technologies, the risks associated with it, and the governance model that you need to put in place to secure your services requires careful planning.

We advise our customers with the following services:

  • Advising on the most efficient way to accelerate the contracting steps with your cloud provider.
  • Preparing an operating model for your cloud services, and their integration with your on-prem systems.
  • Providing advise on cloud-centric solution architectures, to ensure you consume the best services for your use case at the best possible cost.
  • Through a network of specialised partners, provide hands-on staff for the implementation of your digitalisation projects.